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The house. 

- Four bedrooms, two bathrooms


- Wheelchair accessible


- Large gardens


- Front porch and backyard patios


- Private and semi-private rooms


- All rooms with windows and exits

- Wrap-around walkways and ramps


- Fireplace and piano

Our residents

We care for seniors 60 and over, both ambulatory and non-ambulatory.


We love fun! We provide recreational activities like gentle exercises, live music and singalongs, movie nights, walks, gardening, and excusions. 



Our home is your home. 

Truly. We will care for your family as if they are our own--but we also welcome the whole family to join in the fun! We believe that love, kindness, and friends are key ingredients to lifelong happiness. 


We love visitors. We welcome the whole family as part of our community. We have no firm visiting hours or "house rules." Friends, family, and grandchildren are welcome any time of the day. It wouldn't be a home without company. 

Our Home //

A cheerful home. 

We are located in a quiet residential neighborhood overlooking Seacliff beach and Pleasure Point. Our lush gardens are filled year-round with flowers, succulents, and blossoming fruit trees. You won't find a hospital setting here; our family designed the home specifically for cheerful elder care, with lovely patios and porches, lots of sunlight, hand-crafted cabinet work, Mexican tiles, and tree-lined wheelchair ramps.


In a community.

One of the great benefits of a nieghboorhood setting is keeping our loved ones close by, with access to people and places. Our residents enjoy walks in the neighborhood, excursions to farmers markets, and strolls to the nearby coffee shops.

Perfectly peaceful.

Residents seeking more tranquility can still enjoy a quiet community, soaking up sunshine and gorgeous sunsets with the intimacy of a family setting.

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